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The project “Learning Community” is aimed at the improvement of access to lifelong learning (vocational and individual qualification) for migrants. This will be reached through the empowerment of the target group and the dismantling of structural barriers. In this regard, we seek to support the personal development, to strengthen the employability and to foster the social integration of the target group.

Main focus of the project is to train migrants to act as educational facilitators, helping members of migrant communities to utilize offers of lifelong learning and to understand why such programs are important concerning their personal development as well as their professional career. With our approach “Migrants as advisors and trainers for migrants” respectively “Migrants as educational facilitators”, we are not only transferring good practices of participation to the field of lifelong learning but also supporting civil engagement. Within our project, three countries will apply the model of educational facilitators, including training of migrants as well as the design of curricula, training/instruction materials and manuals. In the first phase of the project, barriers of access will be identified and considered for the design of the curricula.

The experiences and conclusions from the work of the educational facilitators and stakeholders of the network compose the fundament for a common guideline, which describes our approach, shows implementation opportunities and makes it applicable in other member countries (good practice). The developed methodological approach can be implemented in different regional contexts of the EU – with a direct impact on the integration and employability of migrants through strengthening lifelong learning.


Education is crucial to Europe’s future. If the EU wants to become the most competitive and dynamic market and successful in overcoming the demographic change till 2010, it is necessary that all citizens have access to lifelong learning, building the fundament of the European knowledge society. Our project "Learning Community" is based on the fact, that migrants in almost all European countries have an insufficient access to lifelong learning. On the one hand, migrants often have deficits in qualification – following a recently published EU-report, only 1.7 % of employed people within the target group are highly-qualified. At the same time, migrants are rarely using offers of vocational adult education. The insufficient access to education has not only consequences concerning the personal development but also negative social and economic implications: it impedes social integration and hinders migrants to participate in companies’ internal programmes of further training since migrants represent the biggest group of unemployed people in the European countries.

In view of the Grundtvig programme objective to offer individuals from marginalized social groups different ways of vocational education, our project develops an innovative approach of advising migrants, fostering their empowerment, designing new materials for adult learners and training multipliers – thus contributing to European dimension of adult education. In this respect, "Learning Community" has an education policy dimension (anchoring lifelong learning and awareness-raising at migrants' level), a social dimension (social integration and intercultural dialogue) as well as an economic dimension (support of knowledge and competences of migrants as valuable labour resources).


The consortium of “Learning Community” joins partners from five EU countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Greece. The Netherland partner is being negotiated).




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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