Program For Families

The main objective of the program is to support and develop parental skillsin looking after younger children, with focus on quality pre-school and primary education based on inclusive principles. It is designed for parents and their children (0-8 years), mainly of Romany origin, who, for various reasons, need greater rate of support and training. It offers activities for children and for children with their parents too . The aim is not only to develop a child 's, skills and knowledge, but also teach parents how to work with their children, prepare them for the education system and how to develop child's physical, personal and social skills.The program should not be a substitution for state education services such as kindergarten. Part of the activities also supports families which already are under supervision of other institutions, families in danger of removing the child from the family, and families which want back their children, that were taken away from them. Program uses professional tools of help and control that lead to development of inherent resources and strengths of the clients.

Program for parents with children works in the areas of the organization, in client's apartments and by institutions.

Services are organized through 2 forms:

Center for parents with children

  • Individual planning with the client and with other specialists, arrangement a coordination of related social services (office for social-juridical protection of children, school, doctor, etc.)
  • Consulting in child welfare, education, upbringing and afterwards in inhabitation and economic management of the household
  • Support of children's readiness for school education and help with choosing good preschool and elementary school
  • Support of healthy habits and prevention
  • Family assistance and intensive cooperation in households, accompanying of the family on bureau's visits
  • Therapeutic consultations for individuals, pairs and families

Contractual Collaboration with institutions

  • Coordination the services with the family based on multilateral deals and support of sharing the informations
  • Organizing meetings of institutions and the families together – we plan with the families and the institutions periodically and we regularly evaluate our steps
  • Organization and facilitation of case conferences
  • Methodical work with institutions and consultations about phasing the standards of social-juridical protection of children