Program For Youth

The main purpose of program is to improve educational and career successfulness and to support growth of Romany youth (6–26 years). Special focus is on high quality and inclusive elementary education, successful passage to the right high school and successful continuing the education process and career. We are using the Gendalos method focused on age group 13–26 years.

We meet our young clients in our centers, their homes, field and also in schools.

Services are organized in two centers:

Center for prevention and personal growth

  • Low-threshold activities for children and youth in both closed and open spaces (clubs, parks and playgrounds)
  • Personality education, preventive trainings and games (financial literacy, job interviews, drugs, sexuality etc.)
  • Free time activities (music, dance, craft and arts workshops, girls clubs, media and IT education); thematic events and days
  • Tours, trips, weekend, sports, camping and other activities
  • Civics, dramatic and media education (youth magazine, theatrical company Bengore, community radio and web etc.)

Center for education and professional career

  • Individual tutoring – long-term guide and support on education and career
  • Systematical cooperation with client, his or her parents and the school using the Gendalos program
  • Catch-up classes, thematic IT courses, language courses and other seminars
  • EEG biofeedback – cooperation and motivational lessons at schools with specific themes (e.g.: relationships and multiculture, financial literacy, choosing the school and the profession and others)
  • Job excursions, scholarships, summer jobs
  • Support of commencement of work and career employment
Support talented young Roma involved in the program Gendalos:
Transparent Account: 6500413001 Bank code: 5500
DMS: DMS Gendalos to 87777
DMS with annual support: DMS ROK Gendalos to 87777