Amaro Drom in Berlin

In period of April 30 until May 9, 2010, we participated in an international meeting of Roma youth in Berlin. The event called Let the monkey in your head go surfin’ attended two employees and six young Roma clients of ours altogether with 50 attendants from different parts of Europe (such as Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Greece and the Czech Rep.).

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There were several workshops – dancing, musical, theater improvisation, vocal and many more taking place during the meeting. We focused on the theater performance workshop. By means of theater and art techniques we created a 30 minute performance which we presented on the festival.

Besides new friendships and connections we made in Berlin, we felt inspired and encouraged to maintain promoting the idea of multicultural dialogue among young people who have great potential in terms of breaking the prejudice and stereotypes regarding racism and xenophobia.

Thanks to the meeting in Berlin, we created a group called Kali Čercheň, which consists of eight young people willing to work with the youth in the Czech Republic (especially in the town of Brno) and create space for the youth, which will be motivational in terms of further education of the youth and also in spending quality leisure time activities which will empower the youth and raise their potential.

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