Gendalos – Educational and Scholarship Programme

Gendalos programme supports underprivileged secondary school and university students in the age of 15 to 26 years, especially the Roma, for whom the cost related to education can be a serious obstacle. The program offers financial assistance to highly motivated Romany students through the Gandalos scholarship fund. The assistance is provided in four main areas: 1) buying school aids and materials, 2) providing tutoring, 3) buying public transport passes, and 4) financial aid for students of private schools. 
These areas were selected based on long-term experience with the target group and the challenges they meet during their studies. The support is directed to families in poor financial situation in order to help children and teenagers achieve good education and subsequent success in their working life. Education is a way to escape poverty, social exclusion and cyclical problems appearing generation after generation. The only way out of these problems is to complete one's education and subsequently find a place in the labour market. 
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Financial support: 
The project is supported by GE Money Bank through the Programme to Help Those in Need. 


Contact person:

Bc. Klára Hamplová

tel.: +420 608 539 323


Term of realization: 
1. 5. 2014 – 1. 5. 2015
Project area: 
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