Learning Community (Grundtvig) (2009 - 2012)

In our project “Learning Community” partners from five countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands) are working together on strategies and actions, which aim at the improvement of access to the offers of individual qualification and vocational education on the side of users (migrants) as well as on the side of providers of education (educational institutions).

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Work Plan

The work plan consists of eight complementary and interlinked work packages:

  • needs analysis and strategy adaptation (analysis of the educational situation of migrants within its regional context, definition of the target group, models of good practice, identification of access barriers to lifelong learning),
  • awareness-raising, mobilization and networking (enlargement of the project network, selecting migrants for the training as educational facilitators, definition of the field of application,
  • training of the educational facilitators (design of the curriculum, training/instruction materials and manuals, execution of training),
  • pilot actions executed by the educational facilitators (in Germany, Greece and the Netherlands),
  • sustainability/institutionalisation (sustainable anchoring through ongoing funding of the educational facilitators and their training as well as expert meetings),
  • valorisation plan (the partner in Austria develops a strategy of valorisation, which is also applicable in other partner countries,
  • dissemination and public relations,
  • project management.
With the help of the project staff and external trainers, the educational facilitators will be trained and prepared for the advisory activities in the partner countries. The developed multiplier approach will be tested and evaluated to ensure the transferability of the model. Furthermore, five trans-national meetings are planned to present, discuss and enhance the results. Through parallel project activities in the partner countries synergies are utilized.


Innovative Character

Learning Communities is characterized by an innovative strategy, using approaches and methods of good practice for the implementation. Innovative is:

  • the strategic approach: our project empowers migrants by becoming actors concerning the improved access to the offers of advanced education. The empowerment concept has already been successfully used in the healthcare sector, and is innovative because of its transferability to the education sector,
  • the mainstreaming approach: Learning Communities are based on the variety of actors and the cross-linking of different and hitherto uncoupled levels. Institutions of civil society and migrant grassroots organisations make use of widened opportunities in adult education. Furthermore, users and providers of advanced education are brought together and develop adapted offers. Migrants get to know the spectrum of adult education, and educational institutions get a feedback about how to design their training courses and seminars and how to attract migrants,
  • the products of the projects: In the European context, a new and transferable offer of advanced education for the educational facilitators is developed, and a tailor-made curriculum is designed, which will be practically proven at the training sessions of the educational facilitators,
  • the trans-national cooperation: The partnership connects countries and actors, which not only have different backgrounds of experiences, but which will also gather differing experiences in the course of project implementation,
  • the valorisation: to generate the European Added Value (EAV), valorisation and European transfer are guided in a separate work package during the whole project. The work package is designed to distil generalizable results to formulate conclusions and recommendations, and to make them available for sustainable use/exploitation in a wider context.
Term of realization: 
2009 - 2012
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