Roma Pride Week

In Brno, the Celebration of the International Roma Day (April 8th) has for several years successfully brought to life exemplary collaboration between various organizations and a positive presentation of the Romany minority to the public. We organize the celebration together with a number of partners from non-profit organizations and state-funded institutions working in the city of Brno in the field of Roma integration.  The celebration directly promotes positive image of the Roma and encourages  discussion through presentations on culture, history, and contemporary life, as well as Romany personalities. The Celebration of the International Roma Day is important for Roma as a way of boosting Roma pride. This is reflected in the widespread participation of the Roma in the preparation and organization of the celebration. The Celebration of the International Roma Day 2015 in Brno was a part of the Roma Pride Week, organized by various organizations in order to promote the goals of the celebration of the International Roma Day. 


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Financial support: 
The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture (Roma Pride Week) and the Statutory City of Brno (Brno celebrates International Roma Day 2015). 

Contact person:
Ivona Parčiová
tel.: +420 774 434 411


Term of realization: 
Týden romské hrdosti: 6. 4. 2015 - 10. 4. 2015

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