The Right to Family Life

The standard of living of many Romany families endangers the care and development of their children. This project aims to keep the children with their families or return them home from institutional care. We promote these children's prosperity and create coordinated support network for families at risk, with emphasis on responsibility and rights of the parents, by improving the parents' competences, involving relevant institutions, promoting inclusive education from the start and facilitating child development. Clear goals, united approach, active involvement of the family and interconnected professional services will help at least 85 Romany children and 55 of their parents, as well as set up a consistent and united system of work of public administration and non-profits. 
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Financial support:
The project is supported by the EHP funds through a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. 
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Mgr. Denisa Sedláčková

tel.: +420 773 127 470



Term of realization: 
1. 8. 2014 – 30. 4. 2016
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